In Memory

Julie Jarrel Brier ((Raphael))

From Rhona Rader Hayes:

When Joyce and I were born in 1948, our parents were friends and neighbors in the same apartment on the same floor. So, we knew each other literally since we were born. We were great friends and when she and her family moved to Needham in 1955, upon visiting her, our family found a home and also moved to Needham in 1956. We were inseparable through the years until we graduated high school. Joyce went out of state to college and then went to live in CA during the 70's. And there she stayed. We reconnected when I traveled every other week from my home office in MA to CA, working for a company in San Jose. She was unique, always with a lighthearted and contagious laugh. Our friendship enriched both our lives in many ways. She and her family had a profound impact on everyone in my family and I will forever carry her in my heart.